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Hair, Beard & Brow Vitamin Treatment

Hair, Beard & Brow Vitamin Treatment

This treatment is for anyone who wants to reawaken their hair follicles after experiencing hair loss on the hairline/scalp, brows and beard.


Our Vitamin treatment is to help stimulate hair follicles carried out using our very own specially formulated Salon Pro-Use Hairgredients Oil combined with our latest and most effective Microneedling Medical Grade II device, proven and established to help rejuvenate and penetrate the top layer of the skin allowing an increase in collagen production on the scalp, hairline, brows and beard to elevate your hair growth.


The treatment is proven to stimulate and activate hair follicles with our special Oil which has high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin E and Biotin. It is suitable for anyone that is seeing signs of hair loss, beard patches, over-plucked brows or just wants to encourage healthier hair. As with most treatments, the response to our Vitamin treatment often varies from one individual to the next. Therefore, the results may vary depending on your skin tissue, age, skin condition and depending whether or not your hair follicles are still active yet fast asleep. 


It is minimal discomfort and maximum results. 


We recommend minimum of 4 sessions, once a month and daily use at home of The Brow & Hair Kit for best results.

Any major spots or bad skin conditions around the area will need to be healed. We do not work over tumour spots, scars, bruised areas, psoriasis, eczema and thick capillary vessels please notify us if you have any of the above or any other skin condition we may need to know about. 


Please be aware that 24 hours before your treatment you must not consume alcohol, high intake of caffeine any blood thinners and ibuprofen as this may affect your skin to thin and bleed more during the procedure. Don’t shave on the day of the treatment to avoid skin irritation.

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Cost per session
Scalp £180, Hairline £110
Brows £80, Beard £80

20 - 40 minutes

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