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Our Ethos

Here at Nez Hasan, we don’t believe in a one shape fits all ethos. For us, every single woman and man is individually beautiful and their brows are just as individual as their own beauty.

Trust the process. 

Myself and the rest of the team look forward to seeing you at the salon.

Love, Nez x.


Nez Hasan was established in 2016 where her career started as just a Microblading artist in a small room in Southgate North London her home town after quitting her 9-5 office job as a distribution manager. Nez had envisioned Nez Hasan to be a bigger brand where people see her as the “go to” SPMU artist and offer more than one treatment that will make a difference to women and men.

Fast forward to many busy years she has become a teacher and an expert in her field with international clients flying out to see her. She now offers a range of SPMU treatments alongside her team such as; Powder Brows, Pigment Wiper, Areola & 3D Nipple tattoo, Lash Liner, Lip Blush, and Medical micro needling for scars & burns.

While building a name for herself looked effortless, it took years to build, influencing the influencers and being known as the confidence booster. Nez has been featured in many major magazines and newspapers online and print. Influencers and celebrities have blogged, vlogged and posted on social media platforms which has helped to boost her brand awareness.

Nez has an eye for what is needed to help maintain what a client already has. She is known for her transformative results and does not create to change. She believes every woman has her own beauty and every brow should be enhanced to one’s beauty.

"If it is better than before then I'm happy with it, as I never expect perfection, we are not perfect to begin with and this should not be the norm. Let your brows softly enhance your beauty rather than dominating your face. Less is more..."

In 2022, Nez created her own product range the Founder and Creator of Hairgredients. Her ambition was to offer women a powerful brow care created with vitamin-infused natural oils, which she then expanded the range.

"A vitamin powerhouse to give you healthy hair, bold brows, lush lashes, all in one bottle."

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