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Hair, Beard & Brow Vitamin Treatment

Hair, Beard & Brow Vitamin Aftercare

Please follow your aftercare as it is very important to heal well and successfully. 


After the treatment we will apply the Salon Pro-Use Oil over the area as it carries on working all day. Some redness and swelling can be seen straight after, the area can be dry and flakey for a few days to a week. please make sure to continue using The Brow & Hair Kit at home for maximum results and to prepare your skin for the next session.


You must leave the area dry for 24 hours. Please do not touch the treated area. 


Day 1-2: 

Clean the treated area with a damp cotton wool with distilled water, then apply The Brow Mask / Oil Hair Mask onto the area. 


From day 3 onwards: 

Continue using The Brow Mask / Oil Hair Mask as part of your daily routine. We recommend to use our Derma Roller once a week for the best results. Make up and hair/beard products may be worn after 3 days. 

For 7 days of the procedure avoid:

swimming pools

Tanning salons


Cosmetic procedures, facials, peelings

Tinting and hair dyes


Please sleep on a clean pillow case 


For 20 days:

Please stay away from direct sunlight/sunbathing. Please book your appointment accordingly to your holidays. 


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