Microblading Perfection & Confidence Workshop – Nez Hasan

Microblading Perfection & Confidence Workshop

Microblading Perfection & Confidence Workshop

Workshop duration 9am till 5pm
This is our most popular workshop and has been put together by Nez Hasan for you to learn all the important aspects of microblading that you may not have learned in your day class or feel unconfident and require perfection. After your first microblading education the majority of students are still struggling with designing the eyebrow and mostly the strokes and how to give their clients the best results possible. 

Nez will be giving professional advice and tips on how to perfect your microblading technique and show you how to create the perfect brows whilst boosting your confidence in the process. You will work on latex so Nez can see your problem areas and then you will watch Nez carry out the whole procedure on a model, after this you will go over the same strokes she has done so you are taught the right pressure and the technique. She will be discussing face shapes and you will learn how to figure out the right brow shape for the face you are working on. You will work on measuring the brow and tips on how to be as quick and efficient as possible. You will be given tips & tricks on how to make this an easier process for you going forward. Further more you will go through client consultation and aftercare.

We are here to give you the best learning experience in perfecting your current microblading skills, with the assistance of Nez.

This will be an in class workshop and if you like to take part in this workshop you have to be qualified as a microblading or any brow PMU course specialist we do not accept any beginners.

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Confidence Workshop

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