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Salon Services

Our Salon Services are available Wednesday to Saturday

Your path to effortless beauty starts here by unlocking your natural beauty potential

Supercharge your brows with the one and only treatment in the country

The treatment is proven to stimulate and activate hair follicles with our special Oil which has high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin E and Biotin.

It is suitable for anyone that is seeing signs of hair loss, beard patches, over-plucked brows or just wants to encourage healthier hair.

As with most treatments, the response to our Vitamin treatment often varies from one individual to the next. Therefore, the results may vary depending on your skin tissue, age, skin condition and depending whether or not your hair follicles are still active yet fast asleep.

We recommend our vitamin treatments at least three times a year to maintain stronger and healthy hair strands.

Let us look after your brows and help you achieve your goals

With our bespoke treatments created by Nez Hasan and our Marie Claire award winning product.

The aim is to grow back as much brow hair as possible and to make each strand stronger and thicker. The growth depends if your brow follicles are still active or not.

The growth process can also suddenly kick in after a few months, especially with the use of our Brow Kit.

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