Microblading – Nez Hasan



Microblading is a natural stroke effect semi-permanent form of tattoo.

Although the results can differ from person to person, it is a very popular treatment that will give you a new lifted shape and fuller looking brows. It is very defined and strong in the first week or two once healed you will be left with soft stroke effect natural looking brows.

This treatment is very successful if your skin is in good condition with
a normal t-zone. Oily skin may require a retouch session earlier than 12 months, whereas normal t-zone can usually wait 12-18 months before a top up. The more hair you have on your brows the more natural this will look. 


Including Top Up

Priority slot £780

Yearly top ups start from £300

1 Hour


Book an appointment and request detailed information on Microblading

Please email for more info
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