Our Story – Nez Hasan

Meet Nez

I’m known for my transformative results and with patience even women with difficult skin and who need more sessions than the rest can see the big difference over time.

I advise some of my ladies yearly returns and some multiple sessions to achieve the final beautiful long-term results.

Trust the process. 

Myself and the rest of the team look forward to seeing you at the salon.

Love, Nez x.

How it all began…

Nez Hasan was established in 2016 where her career started as just a Microblading artist in a small room in Southgate North London her home town after quitting her 9-5 office job as a distribution manager. Nez had envisioned Nez Hasan to be a bigger brand where people see her as the “go to” SPMU artist and offer more than one treatment that will make a difference to women and men.

Fast forward to many busy years she has become a teacher, a master and an expert in her field with international clients flying out to see her. She now offers a range of SPMU treatments such as Powder Brows, Pigment Wiper, Areola & 3D Nipple tattoo, Lash Liner, Lip Blush, and Medical micro needling for scars & burns.

Nez Hasan, the creator and the face of the brand. Known for her creative and perfectionist eye, as many say the magic hands, the wizard, confidence booster, her experience in the SPMU and a heart of gold. Influences the influencers and captures the eyes of many thin, sparse and over plucked 90s women that made her who she is today.

While building a name for herself looked effortless, it took years to build and luckily enough she had a shot at doing a well known influencer's brows which got her a platform and followers on Instagram. Prior to all the sweat and tears, Nez has been featured in many major magazines and newspapers online and print. Influencers and celebrities have blogged, vlogged and posted on social media platforms which has helped to boost her brand awareness.

Nez has an eye for what is needed to help maintain what a client already has. She does not create to change, she believes every woman has her
own beauty and every brow should be enhanced to one’s beauty.

And now she has created her own product range the Founder and Creator of Hairgredients. This has been her long term dream to be able to offer her ladies the first ever brow and hair care that is created with 12 organic vitamin oils, especially for her clients who have undergone chemotherapy to help them grow their hair faster and stronger.

"Brows and Hair should be priority, I wanted something organic with the richest vitamin based ingredients that didn't exist so I created it myself"

"If it is better than before then I'm happy with it, as I never expect perfection, we are not perfect to begin with and this should not be the norm.
Let your brows softly enhance your beauty rather than dominating your face.
Less is more..."

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