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Pigment Wiper

Pigment Wiper Aftercare

Please follow your aftercare as it is very important to heal well and successfully.

Please follow your aftercare as it is very important to heal well and successfully. 

On day 1 of your treatment, please do not touch the area with bare hands as it can be prone to infection. 

Every 3 hours, damp a cotton pad with distilled water and very gently wipe over the area to remove the lymphatic liquid which will reduce the scabbing. 

Cleaning is crucial on day 1. 

If you feel itchy and dry you can apply a thin layer of vaseline around the area but not on the area. 

Day 2 and onwards until skin has gone back to normal and there are no more scabs, please continue to clean the area twice a day. You must be very gentle while wiping as if you pick a scab you can scar the area. 

From day 1 - 7, please apply a thin layer of the cream you are given directly onto the area once a day before bed. 

Once you are healed & the scabs have dropped usually day 5 - 7 you can apply natural oils over your brows for the skin and hair condition and to make your skin ready for the next session. Especially if you are having the Red Line Solution please make sure to oil your brows daily. 

You must leave the area dry for 48 hours. 


If pigment wiper has been carried out on your brows you can wash your face and eyes using your regular products, but please leave the forehead area completely free of products. The same applies for eyeliner and lip tattoo removal. 

During healing and straight after the procedure, the area will look darker, thicker, and red as you may bleed. Therefore itchiness and scabbing is all normal and is part of the healing process. 

Some swelling can be seen straight after or sometimes after day 2. This will go down by day 3-4. 

Picking scabs will damage your skin. 

After a week a small rash may appear, this is a pseudo allergic response to stimulated deeper skin layers, this reaction disappears after a few days. 

For 14 days of the procedure, avoid attending swimming pools, tanning salons, saunas, cosmetic procedures, facials, peelings, gym no heavy sweating or the increase of lymph circulation and dusty environment or getting too close to pets. 

For 20 days please stay away from the sun. Please book your appointment accordingly to your holidays. 


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