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Microblading Aftercare

Daily Care (for 10 days) Following Microblading

Day One

On leaving, your brows will be covered with a thin layer of healing cream.

After a few hours of your treatment please wipe your brows gently with the given wipe and then before bed, the same wipe can be used twice, apply a thin layer of the healing cream after each wipe.

Day Two - through to Day Seven

On day 2 & 3 please use distilled water and a cotton pad to gently wipe your brows clean once a day, please make sure the cotton pad is damp not wet. Allow dry healing thereafter.

The healing cream provided can be applied morning and night - use a small amount and keep enough of the cream for after your top up session only so you do not over do the cream especially if you have an oily/combination t-zone, if you have dry skin then your brows may itch more.

From day two onwards if you feel your brow area is not dry or itching you, please reduce the cream to night only or when it is needed.

If you scab please do not pick them, let them drop on its own.

You can wear make up from your eyes downwards, please do not wear foundation on your forehead area or apply any make up on the brows before 2 weeks. Some powder on the forehead is ok.

Long-term Care

Use SPF 50 factor sunscreen on the eyebrows, as exposure to the sun will fade the pigments used.

Do not use acid products over your brows or any skin peels to help the pigment last longer.

You can use natural brow care oils on your brows only for the benefit for your brows and hair growth, the benefits are more important than if any fading occurs, normally only acids, sun and laser will fade the pigment.

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