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Lash Liner

Lash Liner Aftercare


You may experience the following symptoms for the first 7 days.

Please not that these are a normal part of the healing process:

  • Minor swelling and redness

  • Mild tenderness

  • Itchiness

  • Dry flaking skin

  • Scabbing


Your eyelid may have minor swelling, this is perfectly normal and a part of the healing process. As the area heals, your tattoo will soften and lighten. Some unevenness of colour should be expected but it will all be reviewed and corrected at your top-up appointment.

Please don’t wear any foundation or eye make up before your appointment.

Daily care for 2 days

Over the first two days, the liner should be cleaned every 2/3 hours without undue pressure, using slightly dampened cotton pads.

If an extreme sensation of tension is experienced like itchiness, a thin film of vaseline can be applied with a q-tip.

After day two please do not do anything else and you may go back to normal lifestyle.

Things to avoid

Please avoid the following for the next 1 week:

  • Direct sunlight

  • Tanning treatments

  • Jacuzzis / Saunas / Salt water / Chlorinated pools

  • Make up on the area or around the area

  • Cleanser’s or chemical facial creams / Eye creams

  • Lash treatments should be avoided for up to 2 weeks

Book an appointment and request detailed information on Lash Liner

Please email for more info
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