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XCellarisPro Acne Scars

XCellarisPro Acne Scars

Combats acne, reduces the size of pores & balances the oil glands.

The latest and most effective Medical Grade II Microneedling system is proven to reduce the appearance of acne scars with a combination of very fine short needles & XCellarisPRO’s purest hyaluronic acid, finishing off with the specially formulated intense hydration mask and SPF CC cream to sooth the skin.

Microneedling works by penetrating the top layer of the skin to induce an increase in collagen production where the micro-wounds are created. The excess collagen acts as a 'filler', smoothing out the skin around the scars and improving overall appearance.

Microneedling is a simple, quick and safe treatment with no downtime and very rare side effects when treated properly. You can have this treatment up to one month before your holiday and three weeks after tanning. During hot weathers we do not advise.

Can be done every month for five months then every three months for maintenance.

You will need to purchase the XCellarisPro Pure HA and Cell Activator after your treatment in order to receive optimal results.

Needling cannot be done on active acne scars, dark scars and hyperpigmentation


Acne Scars Treatment
£200 per session
Minimum 5 sessions are recommended £170 each

50 minutes


Book an appointment and request detailed information on XCellarisPro Acne Scars

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