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Dark Lip Neutralisation

Dark Lip Neutralisation Aftercare

If you have any further questions following this, please don’t hesitate to email. To maintain the best results following your lip enhancement, good and proper after care is necessary.

Please ask your GP to prescribe Aciclovir tablets, an anti viral medicine to prevent ulcers usually 5 days before everyday before you come and please purchase antihistamines for day 1 and 2 as this will help with swelling.

On day 1, Every hour please damp a cotton pad with distilled water and wipe the area, after each time you wipe apply skin candy (purchased at the salon) . For the swelling you may use an ice pack but it must be used with a very clean cotton or towel. Do not touch your lips, to protect you from infections. Do not eat spicy or salty food.

On day 2 to day 7, Carry on cleaning your lips now every 3 hours and apply skin candy as needed. This is done to remove residual pigment, and lymph to prevent build-up of dust and for the skin candy to keep your lips moist. 

Keep dry for 7 days.

You may experience the following symptoms for the first 7 days. Please note that these are a normal part of the healing process:

  • Swelling & redness

  • Mild tenderness

  • Itchiness

  • Dry flaking skin

  • Scabbing

Your lips will seem dark, strong and more sharply defined for 7-10 days following your lip enhancement.

You will have swelling which will go down by day three. This is perfectly normal and a part of the healing process. As the area heals, your lips will soften, lighten and you will lose some of the pigment. Some unevenness of colour should also be expected but it will all be reviewed and corrected at your top-up appointment.

The treatment will fade depending on age and lifestyle.

If you are planning on getting lip fillers, please do this at least 2 weeks before your Lip Blush treatment.

For two weeks avoid

  • Direct sunlight/tanning treatments

  • Cosmetics on the lips and make up

  • Jacuzzis / Saunas / Salt water / Chlorinated pools/ sports

  • Upper lip threading/ laser hair removal (with laser in the future please cover your lips)

If you have not used herpes tablet and it occurs after a few days, please go to the GP and ask for Aciclovir tablet or a similar medication. Using this will be much more effective than over the counter creams.

If you have herpes do not touch your lips, you will spread it.

Book an appointment and request detailed information on Dark Lip Neutralisation

Please email for more info
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