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XCellarisPro Stem Cell Collagen Induction

Before & aftercare following Acne Scars & Stem Cell

The first 3 to 7 days after the treatment you may experience the following symptoms:

• Tenderness

• Dryness

• Itching

• Swelling

• Redness

• Tightness

Please arrive with face clean and no make up.

Always make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area. After the treatment for the first 2 days use a simple cleanser with cool to Luke warm water to clean the skin and gently pat dry. Apply a simple moisturiser followed by collagen stimulating peptides, we recommend for best results for you to use the purest form of XCellarisPRO Hyaluronic Acid day and night which you can obtain from us to help hydrate and to help maximise the effects of the stimulation already started by the needling. The skin will be dry and flaky, you can apply the moisturiser and serum 2-3 times a day. Drink plenty of water to help the skin renew. We reccommend the XCellarisPRO Intense Hydration Mask to be used one to two times a week till your next appointment.

It is very important that you use SPF 50 daily after your treatments and top up when needed to prevent unwanted pigmentation and sun damage.

The XCellarisPRO HA Treat:

  • Natural ingredients support moisture retention in your skin

  • strengthens the connective tissue and can reduce wrinkles

  • for increased elasticity in mature skin

  • encourages a younger and fresher complexion

  • suitable for all skin types

  • Hyaluronic acid locks moisture into the skin’s outer layer effectively for several hours.

The XCellarisPRO Intense Hydration Mask:

  • Triple Boost Matrixyl TM , Copper Tripeptide-1 and Hyaluronic Acid promotes the maintenance and improvement of skin's own firmness, as well as rich and optimal hydration.

  • antioxidant through "plant hyaluronic acid" the snow fungus, which is also used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered an absolute beauty a wonderful glow,

  • soothing ingredients such as panthenol relax and support the skin, especially after a microneedling treatment.

  • silky soft cotton fleece for a comfortable skin feel.

The XCellarisPRO High Light Serum for Hyperpigmentation:

  • Reduction of pigmentation

  • Reduction in pore size

  • even complexion

  • increased collagen production

  • primarily aims to reduce uneven pigmentation and generally lighten the skin. By reducing the pore sizes and improving a smooth skin surface, an even complexion is also possible.

It is very important that you use SPF 50 daily after your treatments and top up when needed to prevent unwanted pigmentation and sun damage.

Do not the first week:

• Use any Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in a low pH formula) or anything that could be ‘active’ skincare.

• Have heat treatments, hot showers or baths, sunbathing, sauna.

• Scratch/rub/stimulate the skin immediately post treatment, your skin may feel tighter and this indicates that the treatment is working.

• Wear heavy make up.

• Exercise for 48 hours.

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