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Hairgredients focus on solely providing the best ingredients you need to feed your damaged, thin hairs with naturally produced nutrients & vitamins. 

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The Brow Mask

The vitamin infused Oil Mask for your brows. 

A powerful cocktail containing 11 active ingredients to strengthen, thicken and nourish each strand. Our dream team provides all the essential nutrients to help awaken the hair follicles. 

The first ever brow care created with the richest vitamin ingredients to give your brows the health they long for. 

Oil Hair Mask

The vitamin infused Oil Mask for your hair. 

Specially created with 12 organic ingredients to restore your locks from thermal damages and stimulate your hair follicles when applied to the scalp & hairline. 

Encouraging stronger, smoother and healthier hair by feeding them with all the essential vitamins they need. 

The Hairgredients Story

I began researching on natural resources that are good for hair, specifically for eyebrows, back in 2019. I knew I always wanted to create something that focuses on caring for the hairs but it had to be 100% natural - no chemicals, no preservatives. I was not after just a single ingredient either, I wanted it to be packed with a bit of everything and for each ingredient to target specific concerns, all in a single bottle. When creating a product it is important to make sure the ingredients are compatible with each other, which is why it took a few years for Hairgredients to finally form. 

In the ingredients you will find; Olive oil, Almond oil and Argan oil, all natural antioxidants that nourish the hair, strengthen follicles and support a healthy scalp. Then there are fatty acids such as, Castor oil and Coconut oil, these are key to feeding the hairs with protein and nutrients including keeping the hairs moisturised. Most of the ingredients mentioned including Jojoba oil are all amazing ingredients to hydrate the hair and cure a dry scalp, if you struggle with dandruff this one is for you! When I was young my mother used to mix raw garlic and olive oil - as a child I absolutely hated this, the strong smells filled my senses. Bacteria lies in the scalp and can stop healthy hair from growing, raw garlic is the perfect remedy to kill any bacteria, it was mandatory I include this key ingredient, by monitoring the amount added you can avoid the strong smell. Keratin is great for increasing volume and restores lustre. Majority of the ingredients include Vitamin E and Biotin which are both proven to stimulate hair follicles and promote growth. 

90% of the women I meet say they have over-plucked brows or suddenly started thinning and loosing hair not knowing the cause. By our mid-thirties our brows and hairline are the first hairs we begin to lose and by 50 most of us have barely anything left. Some have lost their hairline after pregnancy or stress related issues, health issues, plenty had also gone through chemotherapy. I knew I wanted two products one for people who have issues with their brows, and the other for the women who have undergone chemotherapy. 

What I have created is not only to help stimulate hair follicles but mainly to care for your brows and protect them from falling out in the future. I remember thinking to myself we even oil our cuticles but what about our brows? Our eyebrows are the most important feature on our face, they give us our expression and define our eyes, they frame our face and enhance our beauty. We tint, thread, wax, laminate, why not care for them daily too? We wanted to give the same approach with our Oil Hair Mask, healthy hair starts from the root, which is why Oil Hair Mask is designed to nourish, clean and stimulate the hair follicles on your scalp, as well as, protect and hydrate the ends of your hair from all types of damage. 

I have included in the collection the Derma Roller for people who want to stimulate hair growth. I wanted something effective and unique just like our double-ended Derma Roller, with one side made specifically for the scalp and one side for the brows giving you a 2-in-1 beauty tool. Using this you will gently pin-prick the skin allowing the oils to penetrate and help awaken the hair follicles, whether it be on your eyebrows, scalp or beard.

I have worked so hard in trying to make this something that you will all love. My dream is for people to use Hairgredients as their daily routine. Be knowledgable on the importance of caring and protecting your hairs. Don't forget, beauty comes with routine, start your journey today. 

With Love, Nez x

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After seeing other peoples results I have become so focused on caring for my brows and growing them. Your oil is amazing!!! Ive only been using it for just over a week and I've already started seeing results, my brow hairs are so healthy looking and new hairs have started appearing. xx


After going through cancer treatment, my hair got thinner and I lost a lot of it. I tried a lot of things on my own but nothing was making a difference. Thanks to Hairgredients for restoring my confidence and for creating such a wonderful product that will help loads of women dealing with hair loss, whatever the condition they may have.


I've been using The Brow Mask for a few months now, and the sparse areas of my brows have grown on my arch. My fronts are also growing back which is actually crazy for me. You can just see the overall fullness from the colour. one o fthe best products I've uever used. The best thing is, its all natural.


My friend recommended for me to try these products and I have been using them for a few months now and my hair and brows are so thick and healthy I am in love with these products. Will continue to use them as my daily beauty routine everyday!! Soo good!


The Oil Hair Mask has been amazing. I have really curly hair and usually the salty water at the beach ruin them. I took my hair mask with me everyday and it honestly kept my curls nourished and protected. Highly recommend to my curly haired girls! x


The Oil Hair Mask has made my hair so shiny and silky. The Brow Mask has really helped with the little bald patches where I had missing hair. All natural and incredible. 


I've been using Oil Hair Mask since April. I've definitely seen a difference in the front of my hair and I will continue to use this as part of my hair routine to stimulate growth. x


I love using Oil Hair Mask, its a must have summer essential!


I went from having no eyebrows to now having thick bushy brows, I am 41 so I didn't expect them to grow so much at my age. I did a treatment at the salon and now I just apply a few drops before I go to bed. It works!


I've been threading my brows for over 25 years. I've been doing the treatment and never expected for them to grow so much but now I've got a really nice amount of brow hair to work with. Now I just maintain them by applying The Brow Mask before bed. 

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