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Simple Steps To Maintain Healthy Brows

Simple Steps To Maintain Healthy Brows

Hello & welcome to my blog…

Sipping on my flat white (oat milk) as I write this and thinking about how everything began and why I started this page, I was inspired to start my own blog while travelling back and forth in the busy London underground during rush hour... hence where the name comes from. I felt like this could be therapy and a motivation as I love connecting with you guys.

A lot has changed in my life during that one year of travelling. Bought a Salon, moved home from north to west, became a master for areola, had many more features in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and British Vogue, lost a few friends, travelled to Mecca during the first covid outbreak, gone through one extremely hard one like a holiday lockdown, might be immune to corona, or just been very lucky, quit smoking and of course the brutal dating game, loosing 1.5 stones then gaining back 2 stones and now back to yoyo dieting. All in exactly one year and of course some more stuff I should just keep to myself.

Rush hours always made me exhausted, but at the same time I loved going back each day because it was where I made a lot of my decisions, it was my thinking space, its safe to say this is where my coffee addiction started. Sometimes I found the signs that I needed, sometimes where my mind cleared up, and sometimes where I counted to the 8 stops left and imagined that magically my heart breaks will disappear when I get off...

Before I start, I would like to mention I am looking forward for all your feedbacks, please leave your comments under the blog post and I will answer all your questions. Also please let me know what you would like to read on the next blog!

After votes on the first topic over on my Instagram page @nez.hasan I would like to begin by saying a special hello to the ladies of the 90’s who have all plucked their brows to nearly nothing to follow the Kate Moss trend to then colouring them back in and trying to regrow them over the last 10 plus years.


Being one to have followed this trend back in my teens I can honestly say yep I have regrets and yep I should have listened to my mum when she said they won’t grow back. 

Growing up, my brows were the lighter version of Frida Kahlo, being Turkish this is just your usual. Your ethnicity and genes determine how soft or coarse your brows turn out and this plays a major role in your brows . My 9-year-old daughter Chloe is exactly the same now full on mono brow big and bushy, but the only difference is she trusts me when I say do not touch them as she has seen from the age of 4 till now, women with none to little brows come in and out of my salon in desperate need of fuller brows. 

One thing I have learned is, with brows it is important how thick each strand of hair follicle is, if it is thick/coarse your brows will usually always grow back unless it’s a health issue, but if it was or is like mine fine thin strands of hair and soft eyebrows then basically a few threading sessions will be a cheaper option to laser hair removal… so therefore don't even go there, do not touch fine hair, all you need to do for this kind of brows is maintain them daily with healthy organic products, thread or wax the middle and around your brows once a month without going too deep into the shape to avoid thinning them even more.


In-case if you didn’t know, as we age the first hairs that fall off are our brow hairs, unfortunately not its not our leg hairs, and even our upper lip grows stronger but we lose our brows! And this again unfortunately shows signs of ageing, having very thin and fine brows makes us look older than we are. 

In the past I have tried a few serums to grow my brow hairs but once I stop using them my brows go back to how they were, what grew drops straight off unless you keep using these serums or they will just grow hair around it rather than where you actually need it. So, I have decided it is what it is and I am 36, they are not coming back not even one of them in a dark single colour and for the past few months since the first Lockdown I have been regularly using vitamins to protect them from falling off. (but still hoping deep down for some growth)

I will list you the products that I use to maintain and keep my brows healthy and strong and if your hair follicle has not died you will definitely see growth but you will have to be patient as you will need at least 4-6 months of once or twice a day usage of these products that I use, and trust me even if you have literally three strands in a single place it makes the worlds difference to your brow shape and fullness. For me my hair has grown, my nails are stronger, my brows are definitely in place somewhat unsymmetrical but that’s just life, I just need to be patient and carry on with my oils, even if they don’t grow to how I want them, I see this routine as masking my brows just how I would mask my hair every Sunday.

Please use a derma roller before using your oils to open your pores and to allow the oils to really absorb into your skin, they have tiny small needles which will benefit you in a lot of ways,  I hope to make my own natural oil for brow maintenance one day and I am currently working on it with labs I will add the top three essential oils to help growth and to keep each hair strand healthy, it will of course come with its own derma roller... (cant wait Brow oil mask pending) 

My Routine

Firstly I would cleanse my face and once a week do a gentle exfoliation over my brows to remove any dead skin, I will use pure rose water over my face and eyebrows and then roll over my derma roller over my brows to open up my pores for the oils to really absorb into my skin, you may see some redness after this, you can also use the derma roller all over your skin if you wish to apply any oils like Vitamin C which I do weekly.

I will then use my castor oil, I am currently using the brand earth to you it is also mixed with vitamin E, which is great for brow growth, just for some extra care I also then use a drop of some more pure Vitamin E.

If you don’t have time in the mornings for this before make up then please carry out this routine every evening before bed, and then in the mornings that you are home for that extra care.

Further more on a daily basis I use the Biotin 10,000 mg, this is like magic for healthy hair growth, it can also help grow your brows depending on your follicles of course, this will help your nails too. Use this once a day and within 3 months you will see how fast you're hair grows for length and gain thickness as you will notice new growth. 

You can research and buy any product I have mentioned that is most suitable for you, just make sure the vitamins are pure and the castor oil is cold pressed, raw, organic and unrefined.

If you have growth after ur routine then perfect, either way they will definitely be healthier and stronger, to perfect your brows further then I suggest you can maybe try microblading or shading which will help to perfect the areas that are still sparse. You can request for my brochure via email and can read your options and my advice. You can also try brow lamination to lift the hairs and manipulate them in the direction you want to be able to cover these sparse areas and with a tint to make them look even more fuller, you can do this every 6-8 weeks. 

I always say if it is better than before then I’m happy with it, as I never expect perfection, we are not prefect to begin with and we don’t live with a walking filter. Let your brows softly enhance your beauty rather than dominating your face. Less is more forever…

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