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Roxie Nafousi

Roxie Nafousi

We all know what a difference our brows can make to the shape of our face and I have always had an issue with my eyebrows; they are super fair compared to my hair colour and they are very sparse and gappy too. I would spend hours trying to perfect them with eyebrow pencils and gels to give them some of shape and thickness, but never getting quite the result I wanted. I’d heard a lot about microblading, which is essentially tattooing your eyebrows, but I’d seen mixed results. When done well, it can be a truly incredible treatment but done

badly and, well, you have badly tattooed eyebrows on your face.

While I was pregnant, I spent time really researching who the best person was for microblading because I didn’t want to mess this up – it’s a big commitment and I wanted to get it right. I kept coming across Nez Hasan and I kept seeing that the results of her work were always natural and just so beautiful. I knew she was the person I needed to see!

I went to her new salon just of High Street Kensington and it was like an Instagrammer’s haven in there – beautiful decor and plenty of picture opportunities at every corner.

Nez herself is a bubbly, confident and beautiful lady and as I lay on the bed, she immediately began drawing out the shape of my brows. I was still nervous, I’ll be honest, but I closed my eyes and she began the treatment. It was MILDLY painful and took around 40 minutes and when I looked in the mirror, I can honestly say I was shocked by how much I loved the results. It was PERFECT.

After the treatment I was told I couldn’t let my brows get wet for 10-14 days, and that they might scab a bit. But actually, I didn’t really notice any scabbing, they healed really well and I was absolutely obsessed with the results! In all my pictures I noticed such a huge difference to my whole face, and it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done, I only wish I’d done it sooner!!

I went back for my top up a month later and I am just so happy with my new brows. I honestly could not recommend Nez more – she is a true master at what she does!

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