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Megan Ellaby

Megan Ellaby

Well isn't this a bit different for me.

Who is this imposter without her fringe!?
Well, yeah, it's me, Megan with the good eyebrows ahah for the first time in my entire existence!
I recently took the plunge, after years of thinking about it, and got my wee eyebrows sorted out once and for all. I fell victim to the early noughties and the whole over- plucking debacle that plagued an entire generation and beyond; Yes, I was let loose with a pair of tweezers and before I knew it and before my mum had any time to stop me, I'd plucked half of my right eyebrow away... Yes really. THANKFULLY they grew back pretty quickly but admittedly a little sparse in places and then the whole fixation with eyebrows came into play and the beauty scene was awash with all kinds of potions, lotions, brushes and wands to give us those perfect brows.

And I must say, I tried em all. I loved some, I hated some but I never really got the hang of how to actually use them to perfect my brows, no matter how many "Get Brows Like Cara Delevingne" tutorials I watched.

Then one day the word "microblading" came into my vocabulary and I wondered why!? Who had I heard say this and why did I suddenly know what this was? Well, it's cause it's the best damn thing EVER that’s why, or at least when it's done right it is!
And that’s where the incredible
Nez Hasan steps in, the wizard behind not only my eyebrows but mega names such as Sam and Nic Chapman, Tanya Burr, Carly Rowena, Carrie Santana Da Silva, Sammi Maria and SO many more! Yeah, this gal the best in the bizz and I cannot quite express just how life changing this procedure is.

So, what exactly is microblading I hear you say?! Well, microblading is basically a semi- permanent make up technique which is achieved through a manual hand held tool.
Once your eyebrows have been perfectly designed by Nez, the pigment is chosen based on the most natural for your brows and the direction of your brows is followed for the most fabulous, natural results.

The procedure takes around an hour and yes, it does hurt... A lot more than having a tattoo, mainly because it's on your face. We all know how bad it is having our brows plucked or waxed; however, as it's only an hour long procedure, you can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Afterwards, your brows will be pretty bold and a shade or two darker, a look I actually really liked; however, they will fade around 10 days after this which is totally normal. I didn't have any side effects at all and was super excited for my top-up appointment which was scheduled 4-6 weeks after my initial appointment.

It is by no means a cheap procedure, but my goodness has it changed my life. Nez's handy work has changed the way I see myself now that I have eyebrows that actually frame my face the way they were supposed to. I have the confidence to go out without any make up at all, even with my hair scraped back in a bun for the gym, I have the confidence to step outside as natural, bare faced me, something I'd NEVER have done pre microblading.

So if it's something that you've been considering please do have a chat with Nez (she's SO lovely) or drop me a line as I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, but all I can say is take the plunge, it's SO worth it! I'll certainly be booking in in 1-2 years should I need them topping up.


P.S check out Nez's Instagram here as I have a funny feeling she'll be sharing my before and after photos very soon.

I wasn’t sure what was real hair and what wasn’t! xM

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