The Power Of Semi Permanent - Lips, Brows and Eyes! – Nez Hasan
The Power Of Semi Permanent - Lips, Brows and Eyes!

The Power Of Semi Permanent - Lips, Brows and Eyes!

Let's talk about the uprise in clients choosing to go ahead with the procedures of all three major semi permanent make up tattoos; Eyebrow enhancement, Lip Blush and Lash Liner.  

By now we all know about eyebrow tattooing, also known as, Microblading and the impact it can have on your eyebrows, facial structure and the time you save getting ready. It is no longer the block-brow look you might of remembered a long time ago, the brow tattoo technique has come a long way since then with a more natural brow strokes effect. 

Now I want you to also imagine a permanent tint on your lips where you never need to worry about re-applying lipstick or waking up with naturally defined eyes so you never feel bare-faced. This is where Lip Blush and Lash Liner comes in, this is the real definition of the 'no makeup makeup' look.

Lip Blush is the perfect SPMU to restoring colour and fullness in your lips by also transforming any unevenness. This treatment will leave you with your desired natural wash of colour and a defined shape. Add a little bit of gloss and you're good to go! 

Lash Liner can be quite transformative to your features. This is where a brown-black pigment is tattooed onto the lash line, making it extremely subtle yet effective. Lash Liner is designed to leave you with defined eyes and your lashes a darker depth of expression. 

Here is Sarah who had all three treatments done with us, we asked for her thoughts on the reason behind undergoing semi permanent lips, eyes and brows and how she decided;

"I had followed your page for over a year now and had friends who had their brows done with you, I knew that your signature look is very natural and knew you where the best person to visit. Whilst going through your work I came across the lips and the lash liner and started thinking about these two procedures as-well and what more better to have them all done on the same day. It didn't take me long to decide as I always have to add lipstick and re-apply daily. Also, being a Doctor wearing a mask my lipstick and lipliner never stayed so by mid-day I would always just give up re-applying. 

My lips are a very cool tone and I always felt the need to add some warmth, to give them a more neutral tone especially at work. This is exactly what I got as once they healed I was left with natural rosey lips, permanently! What's even better is I went on holiday recently, whilst by the beach I felt amazing taking photos and not having to worry about applying make up, smudging it with my SPF or from the sea. I remember you saying as long as we keep it all natural you will really benefit from the benefits. The same with Lash Liner, my eyes are blue and they go quite deep so having a thin subtle lash liner will make my day-to-day life easier. The procedure has given my blonde lashes life and just made me look done for the day without any effort, all I do is add balm to my lips, mascara on my lashes and brush my brows up. Couldn't thank you and your team enough as this was a big step and can be scary but I'm thrilled with the results.

If anyone reading this is thinking about all three procedures without a doubt do it! It's a game changer!"

We thank Sarah for her trusting us and want to add whether you are someone who prefers little to no make up and just wants to wake up and walk out the house or someone who enjoys their make up routine and is looking for an extra definition in your features then SPMU is for you. You will love the results and wonder why you waited so long to have them done!



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Zoe Jackson on

Hello, I’ve had micro blading before but it’s gone ashy. I would like them slightly larger/bushier. Are you able to give me a rough price costing? Thank you

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