An effective treatment to relieve Scars, Burns & Vitiligo – Nez Hasan

Pigment Wiper Workshop

An effective treatment to relieve Scars, Burns & Vitiligo

Skin camouflage is a procedure to cover your scars with different flesh toned pigments that we test out on you during consultation to match your skin tone. This form of tattooing is achieved using a SPMU Machine to create the camouflage and by using a technique what we call acrylic. Before completing this treatment we will need to carry out a few Medical Microneedling treatments prior to this final stage to flatten raised and textured scars which will also help bring back up to 20 percent of your own skin colour.

Skin Camouflage is the only option if you have vitiligo, medical needling is not needed. in most case the same applies for Burns.

This procedure will ultimately reduce the appearance of a scar.

£300 - £1000 per session inc top up

40 Minutes - 3 hours


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