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The Brow Kit

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The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit
The Brow Kit

The Brow Kit

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The Brow Mask and Derma Roller duo will become your favourite weekly beauty routine. The Derma Roller is designed to gently prick the skin open and by applying The Brow Mask you will help awaken the follicles and strengthen your brows from thinning.

The Kit also includes our Antibacterial Spray designed to prolong the life of your Derma Roller. 

Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor Oil), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Almond Oil), Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil), Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil (Flax), Agrania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Kernal Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), Biotin (B7), Hydrolyzed Keratin (Keratin), Allium Sativum Bulb Oil (Garlic Oil), Olea Europe Fruit Oil (Olive Oil) 

The Derma Roller is made of 540 1mm titanium needles.

How should I use The Brow Kit and when?
Apply 1 drop of The Brow Mask on each eyebrow and massage in with circular movements to stimulate blood circulation. Repeat daily to nourish the hairs with all the essential vitamins your brows need. For best results, apply 1/2 - 1 drop in the morning to reduce shine. 

We recommend The Derma Roller to be used once a week with The Brow Mask to help awaken the hair follicles. Begin by going back and forth three times on the targeted area with the derma roller then apply the oil as above. 

Do I need to clean my micro needle derma roller?
Please ensure your Derma Roller is sterilised after each use with our Antibacterial Spray.

Can it grow my brows?
Hairgredients contain essential proteins and nutrients that can help awaken the hair follicles. We recommend The Derma Roller to gently prick the skin open so that these key ingredients can go into the hair follicles. 
Please note that the stimulation can only happen if the hair follicles have not died and can take a minimum of 3 months to show results with regular use. This is a brow care. 

Do you test on animals?
Absolutely not. We are also vegan, chemical & preservative free.

Does it have a scent?
Our products are unscented... and that's a good thing. Hairgredients is made with natural oils and the scent only emanates from the ingredients.  

Is the oil hypoallergenic? 
Our product is made with only the highest quality of natural ingredients and we recommend that people ensure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients before use. This product contains traces of nuts (almond oil).

What kind of results can I expect with The Brow Mask?
The Brow Mask contains active ingredients to strengthen, thicken and nourish the eyebrows & provides essential nutrients and vitamins to help awaken the hair follicles if they are fast asleep, especially if used with a derma roller or combined with The Brow Vitamin Treatment. This vitamin infused oil has been designed to give you healthy and naturally fuller brows as it helps each strand one by one. 

What if I miss a day?
Don’t worry! It will still work if you miss a day or two however, consistency is the key to achieve the best results. We believe beauty comes with routine.

How long will it last me?
With the recommended regular use each bottle should last you between 3-4 months.

What do you recommend if I see growth using the oils?
We recommend you come in for our in salon Brow Vitamin Treatment where we use the Pro Use Oil with a medical graded derma pen to insert the oil deep into your hair follicles and to get them back to work from resting. If you have over plucked your brows and they are just not growing back it doesn’t mean it never will they just need the little help.

Can pregnant women use it?
Yes! Pregnant women can use both our products and also while breast feeding as they both contain only natural infused ingredients and no chemicals are added. The in salon treatment is also safe for both pregnant women and while breastfeeding. During pregnancy hormones can change so please check you have no new allergies to the ingredients.  

Can I use The Brow Kit treatment over my microblading
Yes you can! However, the Brow Vitamin Treatment can reduce/fade your microblading. 

Can I use The Brow Kit during chemotherapy?
Yes its completely safe during chemotherapy and after as its full of amazing natural vitamins! 

Consistency is key to getting the best results with our Brow Kit to maximise the benefits.

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