XCellarisPro Medical Needling

Microneedling can flatten raised and textured scars which will also help bring back up to 20 percent of your own skin colour.

Using the latest and most effective Medical Grade II Microneedling system is a minimally invasive device proven and established to improve skin texture, treating various conditions and all types of scars.

Microneedling consists of using very fine short needles to rejuvenate and penetrate the top layer of the skin which will induce an increase in collagen production where the micro-wounds are created.

With our new innovative device, we have the ability to precisely determine the adjustable penetration depth of the needles in a spectrum.

After you have completed your medical needling treatments and receive the desired outcome then we can begin skin camouflage to help cover scars with different flesh tone pigments.

You will need to purchase the XCellarisPro Cell Activator to continue working on the scars at home for optimal results. Please purchase a good 50 factor sun block and pure coconut oil for your aftercare.

Starting from £200 per session per area
Packages are available for a course of 3.

20 - 60 minutes

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