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The Hairgredients Story

How did Hairgredients start... three years ago during the beginning of 2019 lockdown I started looking into brow care oils, what did I want? A bottle full of everything that is natural, no chemicals yet effective, I wasn’t after just one ingredient like a castor oil but something more to help me look after my brows that were thinning with age and try to help them grow back after over-plucking them in the 90’s to a thin arch shape, naturally my brows were so full and thick. I needed a strong mixture with all the ingredients targeting hair follicles to help reawaken them, for example growing up my mother being old school would make at home hair masks for me to grow my hair the main ingredient being organic olive oil and garlic oil that she would bring back from Turkey after our holidays. This was impossible to find in a product here or anywhere, the benefits are amazing aimed for the brows, hair, scalp and follicles, and I wanted this!

Just like I how started microblading in 2016 because I couldn't find the natural effect I was after back then and started my own business, I was now ready with the second chapter of my career.. 2019 March the two weeks that I thought I had to research and contact laboratories and then back to the busy work schedule turned to be a whole two years shut out of business due to the pandemic which was awful but gave me the time to create and learn.

Each week the idea started settling in my mind more and more so I contacted a few more laboratories in the UK and wanted advice on the process and my idea, but I couldn't get anywhere here and gave up after 4 months... one day, one single sign from the universe made me change my mind, straight away I moved onto searching for laboratories in my home country Turkey as everything I wanted is organic produce there. 

I thought of my clients and that I was not the only one who wanted this, at-least 90 percent that book in with me say they have over-plucked their brows or suddenly started thinning and loosing hair not knowing that after your mid thirties our brows and hairline are the first hairs to start falling off and by 50 most of us have barely anything left. Some have lost their hairline after pregnancy, stress related issues, health issues and enquire about tattooing the hairline, a-lot had gone through chemotherapy.. 

I knew I wanted two products one for brow problems and protection, the other for my clients who have undergone chemotherapy wanting hair back just faster and stronger. I patiently waited in the building process as each ingredient I added meant a longer time frame to test the compatibility, the amount needed from each one to the boiling process.

I started brainstorming names, ideas and building a new brand slowly behind closed doors and came up with the name Hairgredients.

All the ingredients for hair.. a bottle so rich in ingredients focusing on each strand.

What is created now is not only to help stimulate hair follicles but mainly to care for your brows and protect them from thinning and falling out in the future I remember thinking to myself we even oil our cuticles but what about our brows? Our brows are the most important feature on our face, they give us our expression and the definition to our eyes they frame our face and enhance our beauty, we tint, thread, wax, laminate our brows how did we never think to do a small care for them daily?

Same with the Oil Hair Mask, imagine feeding your locks with 12 natural vitamins, protecting them in various ways, either scalp, hair line or ends for damages caused from treatments, it feels thick and sticky at first because it is organic and natural but give it five minutes and you will see how it fly's off leaving your locks soft and smooth.

I have worked so hard in trying to make this something that you will love to use and only improve even more over time.

My dream is to have people use my products as part of their daily beauty routine.

Imagine ending your beauty routine with the richest drop of oil..

Don't forget, beauty comes with routine, start your new daily routine today.

With Love Nez x

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