XCellarisPro Stem Cell Collagen Induction

An effective treatment to boost collagen, relieve dry skin and treat hyperpigmentation.

The latest and most effective Medical Grade II Microneedling system proven and established to rejuvenate the skin with very fine short needles to activate the production of collagen and elastin by using our effective Stem Cell Collagen Activator serum.

This is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, lift, smooth, plump and to regenerate the skin.

Our effective Microneedling system can also treat dry skin that effectively fights dryness, flaking, irritation, redness, and tightness of the skin including poor vitality and skin tone.

The all new XCellarisPRO is the latest step to treating hyperpigmentation by fighting pigment disorders, bringing the melanocytes into balance and preventing inflammation in the skin.

We can achieve this by adding on effective activating serums catered to your needs on your plan with the right frequency and by following the home care recommendation after each treatment.

Microneedling is a simple, quick and safe treatment with no downtime and very rare side effects when treated properly. You can have this treatment up to one month before your holiday and three weeks after tanning. During hot weathers we do not advise.

Can be done every month for five months then every three months for maintenance.

You will need to purchase the XCellarisPro Pure HA and Intense Hydration Mask after your treatment in order to receive optimal results. If the treatment is to target hyperpigmentation you will also need the XCellarisPRO Bright Skin lotion.

Minimum 3 sessions are recommended
£180 each

1 hour

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