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The Derma Roller

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The Derma Roller

The Derma Roller

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The Derma Roller is a 1mm needle embedded with 540 titanium needles designed to gently prick the skin open to help stimulate the hair follicles. Our Antibacterial Spray designed to prolong the life of your Derma Roller comes with The Derma Roller. 

The Derma Roller is best used alongside The Brow Mask & Oil Hair Mask. This, gently, yet thoroughly can help stimulate growth by awakening follicles to support the hair cycle. 

We recommend using once a week. Roll over the brow/scalp back and forth 3-5 times in different directions before applying the desired product.  

Please ensure your Derma Roller is sterilised with the Hairgredients Antibacterial Spray after each use.

How do I use The Derma Roller?
We recommend The Derma Roller to be used once a week with the Oil Hair Mask/The Brow Mask to help awaken the hair follicles. Begin by going back and forth three times on the targeted area with the derma roller then apply the oil as above. 

Do I need to clean my Derma Roller?
Please ensure your Derma Roller is sterilised after each use with our Antibacterial Spray.

Can it grow my hair?
Hairgredients contain essential proteins and nutrients that can help awaken the hair follicles. We recommend The Derma Roller to gently prick the skin open so that these key ingredients can go into the hair follicles. 

Please note that if you are in the process of growing your hair using The Derma Roller alongside our products will help the hair follicles to activate faster giving you stronger, better quality new strands. It can take a minimum of 3 months to show results with regular use.  

Can I use The Derma Roller during chemotherapy?
Yes its completely safe during chemotherapy and after!

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