At Nez Hasan we are proud to be the only team in the UK offering the pigment wiper that has no acids in the solution but made from fruit extracts and sea salt.

The pigment wiper is a very safe way to perform the removal of an old pmu.

You can have this treatment if you wish to just remove the old pigment on your skin whether this is on your brows, lips or eyes, or if you wish to have a new procedure and need the old pigment removed as majority of the times it is not possible to go over old tattoo. 

Having previous brow enhancement done you may have been left with pink, red, blue, green pigment, with the pigment wiper in one session up to 30 percent is removed.

Each person will need a minimum of two sessions and can have a maximum of six sessions in a year.

Majority of the clients see the removal achieved by session 4 and can be carried out every 40 days till the happy result.  

The old pigment is removed up to 90 – 95 percent but never 100 percent.

Pigment wiper will not damage your skin, or your hairs on your brows. The treatment is carried out with the pmu machine and a 1-point needle. 

The aftercare is very important and is given to before your first session.