Before treatment;

Most importantly for lips if you are a herpes carrier you can expect a new outbreak about 3-5 days after.

We advise each client even if they usually don’t get herpes to use medication prescribed by the GP to prevent this from happening.

You must start the medication 2 days before your treatment until 3 days after treatment.

If you get herpes after your treatment this will break the outline lip liner we did for your lips and you will have bigger patches.

For best results for lip enhancement this must be prevented with medication, over the counter creams are not as effective.


Lips After Care;

You may experience the following symptoms for the first 7 days. Please note that these are a normal part of the healing process;

  • Swelling & redness
  • Mild tenderness
  • Itchiness
  • Dry flaking skin
  • Scabbing

 You will be given instructions on how to care for your lips for the first 7 days and  you will need Vaseline for the area.