Eyeliner tattoos are used to define your eyes, give your face an instant lift and depth of expression. If you are a daily eyeliner person and you want to save time, or you aren’t able to apply it as precisely as you’d like, or you struggle of trying to achieve the cat eye this may be the solution for you.

All eyeliner options are carried out using a pmu machine with a 1- point needle.

You can choose a striking or natural look to open up your eyes and make them appear larger and more beautiful.

Glam eyeliner

This option for the eyeliner will give you a thick winged eyeliner along with shading on the end of the tail for a smoky look.

Classic eyeliner

This look is our all-time classic thin to medium eyeliner with a defined small tail if clients prefer a more cat eye look or you can just have the eyeliner and no tail leaving that for you to decide daily to either have it simple or add your own tail.

Lash liner

This is a very popular option and it is to define your lashes and make them look darker and fuller, a very thin eyeliner is done with the needle in between each lash. You can go for this look for daily use. It is a lot thinner than an eyeliner as it is done adding the pigment between the layer of your eyelashes to darken your lash line.

This treatment can last between 1-3 years.

A small yearly touch up may be required for colour booster.