Before treatment

Get familiar with the pre-treatment flow thoroughly before the treatment.
The skin must not be in the inflammatory process or the process of healing and regeneration before each treatment.

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment;

  • Botox and fillers
  • Fruit or milk acids
  • Laser treatments
  • Chemical peelings
  • Exposure to strong sunlight (freshly tanned skin)

Retinol/Retina –A ‘s,

24/48 hours before treatment please don’t use the following;

  • Aspirins or any blood thinning medicines
  • Alcohol
  • High intake of caffeine

If you have an oily t-zone it is advisable to gently exfoliate the skin time to time before your procedure to prep the skin and use non oily cream based moisturisers and use oil free, gel or water based moisturisers.

If you are on acne medication it is advisable to wait 6 months after your course finishes to have microblading as your medication will thin your skin.

Brows aftercare

After care will be explained on the procedure date in detail.
You may experience the following symptoms for the first four days, please note that these are normal and part of the healing process;

  • Minor swelling and redness
  • Mild tenderness
  • Itchiness
  • Dry flaking skin, or some scabbing

Brow enhancement 2 weeks healing period;

  • No sun bed
  • No sweating in the gym
  • Jacuzzi’s/ saunas/ salt water/ chlorinated pools
  • Direct sunlight
  • Tanning treatments
  • No makeup on the brow area (foundation on the forehead)
  • Eyebrow tinting/ waxing / electrolysis/ laser hair removal close to the eye area
  • No anti-ageing creams on the brow area
  • Do not pick flakes if any appear
  • Do not scratch the brow area