This treatment is done using a manual tool (same as microblading) and shading blades.
Microblading with manual shading is not performed using a tattoo machine therefore it is a semi- permanent make up effect and will fade over time just like microblading.

Microblading with machine shading is a permanent procedure using nano needles and three or five point shading needles (example is shown in picture below captioned machine shading).

Both examples are preferred on oily skin types, this can be discussed on consultation

Microblading with manual shading is achieved by using different types of blades to shade manually by tapping the eyebrow area which requires shading after the microblading is performed.

Microblading is performed with the pigment that will suit your own eyebrow hair and then the shading is performed with a pigment that is a tone lighter to give you the most natural look.

It is a matter of taste first and foremost.

The difference that is achieved with the shading just fills in certain parts of the caps in between the slices of microblading that imitate actual brow hair.



Before – Straight after – Healed after 6 weeks


Microblading with machine shading
(Before – Healed after 6 weeks)