This treatment is carried out using both a blade for the strokes and the latest pmu machine using a 1-point needle for the shading making it a more permanent procedure.

We will need two colours one for the the microblading  which is achieved with a darker pigment than what will be used for the shading procedure.

The difference that is achieved with the shading just fills in certain parts of the gaps in between the slices of microblading that imitate actual brow hair. 

Once healed this procedure is a very soft stroke/powdered brow that will have longer lasting results.

This treatment is more advisable for oily t-zone, for darker tone skin or if you have very thin or no brow hair.

Sometimes microblading may not be enough on its own if you have an oily t-zone, or no brows as shading them for oily t-zone will give you a longer lasting result and for no brows it will give you a much fuller and defined look.

The results can last between 1.5 to 3 years.

Small yearly touch up appointment’s may be required.