Semi permanent makeup or Permanent makeup is sometimes also referred to as tattooed makeup because the process is similar to getting a regular body art tattoo.

Pmu is considered permanent because the pigment will remain in the skin forever, but the longevity of the colour and its visibility will eventually fade over a time of 1-5 years depending on which area you have had a treatment on.

The ink used for regular body tattoos is formulated differently and goes much deeper than what is used for make up tattoo which is pigment. A needle is used to deposit ‘ink’ into the skin with tattooing, the pmu process isn’t the same as getting a tattoo because the ‘pigment’ is deposited only into the first layer of the skin.

There are many benefits of pmu;

  • Anti-ageing – PMU brows can emphasise and lift your eyes giving you an instant lift, a younger look
  • No smudged eyebrows – looking perfect on the beach
  • Achieve the brow shape you have always wanted
  • Regain the look of fuller brows due to loss of hair or over plucking
  • Saving time on application of brow make up
  • Money spend saving on beauty products

The success of the treatment depends on the;

  • skin quality
  • post-treatment flow and care
  • exposure to different external factors

All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded;

  • Have problematic skin
  • Have serious health problems
  • Take some medicines
  • Have existing old permanent make-up on your eyebrows
  • Are pregnant and or breastfeeding