Yumi lashes

This creates a more natural lift with it’s patented formulas and also strengthens the lashes as it is a Keratin treatment. The lashes will not become weak or brittle with Yumi. This treatment will last a minimum 8-12 weeks. It is Vegan and also dermatologically tested therefore we only need to do a tint test and pick the colour you prefer; we will need to do this at least 24 hours before the procedure. The process will take about an hour and a half and can be repeated every 8 weeks.

There are two mascara options that you can purchase. They are both after care products for YUMI lashes which will last you 6 months and also both deeply nourishes and strengthens from the inside out so lashes stay strong day after day. One of them is a serum that also helps enhancing the length (growth) of the lashes and protects from environmental damages. Meanwhile the second mascara is a Keratin mascara to repair and restructure the missing amount of it in the lash and make lashes stronger while growing.